Ciao my friend

Posted in Friends, Life, Viaggi at 2:49 AM by S.

Ciao my friend,

I know that probably you are busy and wont have time to reply. No problem. i just wanted to let you know that I miss you.

So many things happen in my life every day that it is hard for me to tell you whats going on in my life…

Sometime I look back at my life and I just see the good things that made me grow up and become who I am know. But who? I have no clue 🙂

I am still scared to go back to my original life. I tried to change, I tried with all my heart to look for something else but the destiny apparently wants me to be who I am and not something more.

Is that true that I will always want something more for myself and my life? Or I will be able to be happy with what I have?

In Italy I had so many dreams that I didnt enjoy what I was doing..then I moved but just after I could find my way, my friends, a sort of life…I moved to Belgium and I discovered that I could make it, not without pain and tears but I did. I found a great friend but I had to move on. A dream. Dreams. So I am here….soon it will be over. I feel home in here. I feel myself. I changed. I knew it would have happened. I found the love of my life and the funny part is that this brings me back to where I was…

But I am happy. Finally I am happy.

I am looking for a job. bad economy to do this. Bad situation but also in this case destiny let me understand that what I tried to avoid during the summer, it has to come back. Soon I will know. More pain far from my love, but an exiting experience…

I will tell you once it is for sure.

Just wanted to let you know that I am fine and I am thinking of you.



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