Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s starts with a breathtaking image of 5th Avenue in New York in the late fifties, during its maximum cultural and economic expansion. Starting at sunset on an early summer’s day, a solitary yellow cab weaves through the streets of a city that is still sleeping, supported by an emotional soundtrack made mainly by the famous “Moon River”. The movie is set in an atmosphere typified by dreams of wellness, calmness and hope, common to both a victorious America and a Europe still recovering from war.



The protagonist Holly, in spite of her seemingly very social and open character, is deeply scared by people because she is conscious that real life can also be very cruel. For this reason, often at breakfast, she usually goes and dreams while looking at the windows of Tiffany’s than “calm me down right away. The quietness and proudness of it. Nothing bad could happen there”.


This movie expresses very well the aspiration of a dream and of a different life. It is full of charm, due to the setting, to a fantastic and enchanting Audrey Hepburn and to Tiffany’s, a symbol of the luxury that embodies a dream, not just something material but of something more, emotional.


The story unfolds around the two protagonists: Paul, a writer with a lack of inspiration who lives in the shadow of an old and bored lady, as well as Holly, a girl with a mysterious past who lives a lonely existence, surrounded by several admirers and a life made of dreams destined to sink.


These two people, tormented by the difficulties of turning their dreams into reality, and by the negative experiences of their past, meet by chance and begin a strange love story that will only get to be made at the end.



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